About dataguru.hk

Guy Freeman has been a resident of Hong Kong for 6 years. After getting a PhD in Statistics from the University of Warwick in England, he worked in both academia (HKU) and business (DemystData, EY, Prudential) in Hong Kong with different official titles each time, but the common theme was that he used data to solve problems rigorously and efficiently.

Please feel free to also peruse his LinkedIn profile.

Guy is also the founder and maintainer of accessinfo.hk, a Freedom of Information portal for Hong Kong. He was also the creator of an archive of the now-defunct HK Magazine's content at hkmag-archive.com.

Please get in touch at guy@dataguru.hk or fill in the form below if

  • you have data you want to analyse, understand and/or visualise to make better decisions
  • you want to collect, store and analyse data in a smarter way, including IoT and other operational data
  • you want to learn or use R and/or other data analysis tools yourself
  • you want to develop a data strategy to help meet your goals