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Instead of providing the same product to all of your customers, you can easily customise your offering in real time, including using AI for…

Natural Language Processing

Data Guru have experience using Natural Language Processing in English and Chinese to develop intelligence around text content in order to…

Fraud analytics

Fight back against fraud and safely speed up underwriting using your own transaction data along with cutting-edge machine learning that can…

Data Management

It is an open secret amongst data scientists that 80-90% of their job actually involves acquiring and cleaning relevant data. This is not a…


Data Guru can help bring you get a high-level understanding of your organisation's data from all sources, with the ability to zoom in on any…

Web scraping

Data acquisition is crucial for building artificial intelligence products and solutions for your business. One source of data outside your…

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True Home HK

Free valuations and market statistics for Hong Kong homes


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Data Science Hong Kong

Hong Kong's premier data science community