Transactions for Hong Kong residential building 10-10A POK MAN STREET 博文街10-10A號

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10-10A POK MAN STREET [博文街10-10A號]
Date of completion
Number of units
Number of floors
Number of flats per floor
School net
Flat Floor Saleable area Gross area Transaction date Price Price per saleable sq.ft. Price per gross sq.ft.
NO. 10 4/F 616 2010-06-04 1800000 2922.0779220779223
NO. 10A 2/F 519 2008-01-07 1380000 2658.9595375722542
NO. 10A 2/F 519 2005-07-28 730000 1406.5510597302505
NO. 10 4/F 616 2000-04-25 680000 1103.8961038961038

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