Transactions for Hong Kong residential building 11-11A KA SHIN STREET 嘉善街11-11A號

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11-11A KA SHIN STREET [嘉善街11-11A號]
Date of completion
Number of units
Number of floors
Number of flats per floor
School net
Flat Floor Saleable area Gross area Transaction date Price Price per saleable sq.ft. Price per gross sq.ft.
NO. 11 3/F 631 2016-07-07 5400000 8557.84469096672
NO. 11A 5/F 496 2013-03-25 3380000 6814.5161290322585
NO. 11 5/F 631 2012-10-19 4420000 7004.754358161648
NO. 11A 2/F 1996-12-24 1030000

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