Hong Kong SFC licence institution AAJ337, Wheelock Chatfield Limited

These are the licence-holders that were found for SFC licence institution AAJ337 on the SFC website.

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Key for Role: RE = Respresentative, RO = Responsible Officer

SFC code English name Chinese name Role Activity Start date End date
ACD840 TSANG Yiu Fat, Peter 曾耀發 RO Advising on Securities 2003-04-01 2005-02-04
ACD840 TSANG Yiu Fat, Peter 曾耀發 RO Asset Management 2003-04-01 2009-02-18
ACR693 HUNG Hing On 孔慶安 RO Asset Management 2010-09-29
ACV637 LEUNG Wing Tak, Rocky 梁永德 RO Asset Management 2005-04-12 2005-12-22
ADZ149 HO Yin Ming 何燕明 RO Asset Management 2006-07-13 2015-08-28
ATO806 CHAN Coburn 陳浩斌 RO Asset Management 2015-10-13

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