Hong Kong SFC licence institution AAL421, RBS Securities (Far East) Limited

These are the licence-holders that were found for SFC licence institution AAL421 on the SFC website.

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Key for Role: RE = Respresentative, RO = Responsible Officer

Name Role Activity Start date End date
DUAN Hong 段宏 RO 1 2003-12-24 2005-01-05
CHIANG Kee Hong 蔣紀康 RE 1 2003-04-01 2005-01-03
CHOI Sang Woong RE 1 2003-04-01 2005-01-03
TSANG Man Chung, Timothy 曾敏聰 RE 1 2003-04-01 2005-01-03
WONG Sui Kwan, Sylvania 黃紹群 RE 1 2003-04-01 2004-02-10
DUAN Hong 段宏 RE 1 2003-04-01 2003-12-24
VAN SCHAARDENBURG Michiel RE 1 2003-04-01 2003-08-31

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