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Hong Kong SFC licensed institution ACP152
SIIC Asset Management Company Limited

Below are up to 1000 licences that were found for SFC-licensed institution ACP152 on the SFC website.

Key for Role: RE = Respresentative, RO = Responsible Officer

SFC code English name Chinese name Role Activity Start date End date
ACS672 YIU Ming Yee 姚明義 RO Asset Management 2003-04-01 2010-02-02
AES354 SUN Nong 孫農 RO Asset Management 2003-04-01 2005-01-04
AHX965 LEE David 李家偉 RO Asset Management 2008-09-29 2013-05-13
AJD526 TAM Yuen Yee, Karen 譚婉儀 RO Asset Management 2003-11-07 2005-12-06
AJH293 HUANG Gang 黃剛 RO Asset Management 2006-01-19 2012-09-25
AJL124 TSUI Miu Shan, Agnes 徐妙珊 RE Asset Management 2013-11-25
ANH531 FAN King Chi, Kenneth 范敬智 RO Asset Management 2009-11-09 2013-03-01
ANH531 FAN King Chi, Kenneth 范敬智 RE Asset Management 2006-06-02 2009-11-09
ARJ655 YAU Henry Sung Chuen 邱崧泉 RO Asset Management 2013-08-15 2014-07-07
ARJ655 YAU Henry Sung Chuen 邱崧泉 RE Asset Management 2008-08-26 2013-08-15
AUW918 ZHANG Lei 張磊 RO Asset Management 2010-07-12
BEV315 TAO Zhengyi 陶正毅 RO Asset Management 2015-07-21

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