Hong Kong SFC licence institution ACR645, Upbest Investment Company Limited 美建投資有限公司

These are the licence-holders that were found for SFC licence institution ACR645 on the SFC website.

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Key for Role: RE = Respresentative, RO = Responsible Officer

Name Role Activity Start date End date
CHENG Wai Ling, Annie 鄭偉玲 RO 8 2008-01-04
CHIM Mei Hing 詹美卿 RO 8 2003-04-01
CHAN Sin Hang 陳倩姮 RO 8 2014-09-11 2015-07-31
CHENG Hoi Lok 鄭開樂 RO 8 2006-07-24 2014-05-23
SUEN Man Tak 孫文德 RO 8 2007-05-29 2012-06-01
LEONG Sai Cheong 梁世昌 RE 8 2004-03-17 2010-11-15
CHENG Kai Ming, Charles 鄭啟明 RO 8 2003-04-01 2010-03-05
CHENG Wai Ling, Annie 鄭偉玲 RE 8 2004-11-26 2008-01-04

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